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Monitor PC activities of your employees & capture keystroke made by them
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22 August 2013

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When it is the case of keeping a vigilant team for monitoring large number of PCs in your organization, it costs you a lot. It’s because you have to pay the people who are keeping an eye on the screens of the employees all the time. But trust us; you can completely automate the task of PC monitoring and in fact in a very simple and easy way. How? The answer lies with Monitor PC Activity 12.07.01. With this user-friendly software application you will be able to monitor substantial number of computers that are connected to your server effectively. It is equipped with loads and loads of features which makes it a truly special tool meant for the purpose of monitoring.

Thanks to Monitor PC Activity 12.07.01 you will be able to catch hold of every employees who wants to waste their times by longing into illicit sites or sites such as stock exchange etc. where people look to bid money. The software can bring in all the details that one has been doing over the internet such as chats, online videos, emails (every detail of the emails) and various others. The data that will be saved by this application can be saved by this tool and you can use these reports for future. No body who is working on their PC will get the slightest of hint that such a spy software is monitoring their activities, courtesy its stealth feature. For a better understanding of the complete spying benefit, the application can put up snapshots of the screen in front of you.

Hence, even if you trust your employees plus keen to be on a safer side then the only solution that can help you in this regard is Monitor PC Activity 12.07.01. It gets a score of three on a scale of 5 for its sheer efficacy in monitoring your systems.

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Monitoring employee activities over computers in a large organization has been always a big challenge to the management. Many employees of the organization spoil their office time in unproductive system activities like online chatting, listening online videos, browsing personal mail accounts and others. To get rid of all such unwanted activities, you are advised to look for a professional tool which is proficient in monitoring all system activities of employees. Kernel computer activity monitor is an exceptional tool that allows the system administrator to keep records of every single activity on each desktop system of the computer network. It should be installed on server system and the local system to be monitored by the administrator. The network administrator can take screenshots of objective computer screen, whenever needed. This tool can run in stealth mode to assess both online and offline activities of employees. Kernel computer activity monitor software is also capable of monitoring every keystroke pressed by the target computer user. The software also clear the log reports of the client servers after sometime in order to make free disk space for creating new log files. You can install this software on different versions of Window OS like Window 2007, 2010, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 98, 95, and NT. Before purchasing the full version of this tool, you can also try the trial version at free of cost. For more details:
Monitor PC Activity
Monitor PC Activity
Version 12.07
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